Our Make-and-Take Station Themes


Mad Science Slime

Discover the ooey gooey origins of plastic and see why plastic is so hard to break. Kids make their own slippery slime to take home!


Cotton Candy

Have you been to the carnival with your family lately? Ever wonder how that fluffy cotton candy is made? Kids taste the science behind the magical transformation of solid sugar crystals into spun floss. Yummy!


Bouncy Ball Making

Ever wonder how bouncy balls are made? What makes them bounce so high? Kids join us in the bouncy ball factory and transform special crystals into real bouncy balls that can bounce all the way home. (Additional Fee for this station)


Mad Science Putty

Learn about matter and polymers, then make your own cup of putty to take home!


Glow in the Dark Bracelets

Learn about phosphorescence and florescence, then make your own Glow bracelet to take home!


Tootsie Roll Scat

Learn about the differences in animal scat before making your own tootsie scat to take home!


Drinkable Blood

Learn some fun facts about blood before making your own drinkable blood to take home!


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