Our Discovery Station Themes


Amazing Air

Dynamic air fun! Levitate balls on air, feel the power of a vortex of air, and see impressive vacuum pump demos.


Electrifying Electricity

Create lightening before your eyes, play with static tubes, and test your nerve with a circuit maze. Must have access to Electrical outlet.


Sublimation Station (Dry Ice)

During this demonstration, children learn all of the chilling facts behind dry ice, in addition to conjuring up a few magical potions using the element itself. (Add'l Fee for this Station)


Magnificent Magnets

Play with amazing magnetic fluids, see magnetic fields, and makes pennies stand on end!


Wacky Water

Create tornados and dive for treasures. See magic sand that is scared of water. Compete in a surface tension contest. Must have nearby Sink access.


Optical Illusions

Be mystified by the wonders of optical illusions! Test your ability to find hidden images and stump your brain!


Sonic Sound

Create amazing sounds using all sorts of cool objects. See how small objects can blast you away with sound!


Lab Explorations

Test our Lab Gear as you learn the basics behind Chemistry! Must have nearby Sink access.


Harnessing Heat

Learn about how heat can be transferred, and try out our Mood Boards and Hand Boilers!


Fantastic Forces

Try out our Vortx, balance our balancing birds, or make a pile of bolts stand without any help!


Junior Engineers

Be a builder! Build bridges, towers, and other structures using all sorts of materials!


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