Our Party Themes


Mad About Blue

Be amazed by our "shocking" plasma ball, create light through chemical reactions, let us catch your shadow for all to see, learn the science behind fireworks, and more! (Best for ages 8-12) *This party requires a darkened room and is not recommended for kids who are scared of the dark.


Halloween Spooktacular

Celebrate the spooky season with our Halloween-themed science party! Children use science to reverse a witch's spell on Count Eggbert. They also experience creepy potions, a dry ice cemetery effect, and floating eyeballs that will amaze everyone!


Crazy Chemistry Lab

It’s all about the reactions! Kids will explore different reactions as they see Eggbert get sucked into a bottle, are amazed by our chemical rainbow, watch volcanoes explode, and more! All partygoers make slime or putty to take home! (Best for Ages 6-12)


Slime Time!

Do you LOVE everything icky, sticky, and gooey? Then this party is for you! It’s Slime Time as you and your friends learn all about Polymers, and make 3 different specialty Slimes to take home! ALL participating party guests must be aged 5 years old or older. (Best for ages 6-12)


Young Wizard

Young Wizard Scientists will explore disappearing liquids, foaming volcanoes, clouds of rolling fog, color changing solutions, and bubbles that can be held in their hands. This show includes Dry Ice, and lasts 1.15 hours. There is an additional $50 for this party theme. (Best for ages 6-12)


Diggin' for Dino

Become a Junior Paleontologist and dig for dinosaur bones in this prehistoric party! Children will get to make rubbings of their favorite dinosaurs, compare their foot to a dino’s foot, and make their own Fossil to take home! (Best for Ages 5-8)


Super Spy Lab

007’s got nothing on us! Children become secret agents as they explore the world of Spy Science. Try out secret messages using special secret ink and dead drops, explore our amazing spy gear, and make your own putty that can be used to copy messages! (Best for Ages 6-12) LAB PARTY ONLY \n


Science of Superheroes

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s SUPERHERO SCIENTISTS! This party is jam packed with the best heroes of Science-Tesla, Bernoulli…while we explore the Science behind superhero powers! Watch we as make Superman fly and make a storm indoors! (Best for Ages 5-12)


Bubbling Bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere! Learn about the three states of matter as you boogie during our Molecule dance! Things get cool as we learn about Dry Ice and play with bubbles filled with gas! Children make their own special bubble potion and wand to take home! (Best for Ages 2-6) OUTSIDE PARTY ELIGIBLE


Pop, Whirl, Whoosh!

This outdoor party is packed with Science fun! Who says you need winter to make it snow? We’ll make it snow, even when it’s hot outside! Look for flying objects as we fly film canisters through the air. Whirling tubes make a silly sound. You won’t believe it when we make a cup of water swing upside down without spilling! Partygoers make slime or putty to take home! (For ages 5-10) OUTSIDE ONLY


Science of Music

Your little ones will be movin and groovin’ as they learn about music and sound in this fun party. Boom, tap, smack, cha-cha-cha, listen to the sounds and rhythm of the science of music. Children will feel, hear and see the vibrations that help create music in this hands-on exploration. They will even make their own sound maker to take home! (Best for Ages 2-6)


Dragon Adventure!

Help our Palace Scientist save the Princess from the Dragon’s lair using the power of Science! Children will go on a birthday adventure- using UV disguises, catapults, and other science to help rescue the Princess! All Partygoers will make their own UV Bracelets to take home. (Best for Ages 5-9)


Journey Into Space

Be an astronaut for a day as you explore our amazing solar system. Learn about Black and White Holes, see how stars glow, make craters during our Asteroid Drop, and make your very own Comet Bouncy Ball or Slime to take home (for ages 6-8)! Pre-School party guests get fun Air Rockets to take home! (Best for Ages 5-8)


Winter Wonderland Party

In this icy, winter-themed party, children will be amazed by our Melting Snowman, Dry Ice adventures, and Exploding Fireworks! Partygoers get to make their own Snow to take home! (Best for Ages 4-12, Additional $25 Fee for this party)


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